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Change Agents
1246 Concord Rd SE, Smyrna, GA
Services Provided: BD’s professional and proficient administrators performed and coordinated Quad Chart development with the firm. BD develops, maintains, and revises handout materials for use at conferences, workshops, and other outreach events.

Dream Big Mentoring, LLC

3590 Covington Highway, Lithonia, GA 30032

​Services Provided: Developed, administered, maintained, and upgraded web base and developed an evaluation plan of action.  BD facilitated conferences, maintained, and revised handout materials for use at, workshops, and other outreach events regarding veteran health and mental health.

Quality service


Reunited Counseling and Training  
3590 Covington Highway Decatur, Georgia 30032
Services Provided: Veteran services (individual, family, group therapy; woman’s services, tutoring, and employment training and vocational rehabilitation)

Similar services provided to local agencies, Families United Services and Cityside Healthcare all of which are located in Atlanta, GA

Success Is Achieved by Putting People First


Our goal is to create a culture of honest, open, two-way communication throughout the company. We conduct annual opinion surveys to gauge overall satisfaction and engagement levels by team, department, and division. Everyone is asked to rate the effectiveness of our leaders and our communication efforts, and they are asked to share their attitudes concerning fairness, trust, and pride as they relate to BD. Based on the feedback in the surveys, we develop action plans each year to increase the engagement of our employees. These action plans have been the catalyst for many of the improvements in our programs at BD, including leadership assessments, employee focus groups, the BD Wellness Program, increases in tuition reimbursements, and many more.

Open communication 

At BD, we believe success is based not only on what is achieved, but also on how it is achieved. For us, success is achieved by Putting People First. Our culture of Putting People First is our competitive advantage in the marketplace and the reason we can provide high-quality service to our clients and healthcare professionals with whom we work.

 Before BD leaders make any decision, the first question they ask is, “How is this going to affect our people—our employees, our clients, our healthcare providers, and the patients they serve?” We believe that every interaction must be a win-win-win situation. Every decision we make and every communication we have must positively impact our clients, our employees, and the company.

We evaluate the quality of our service through quality assurance evaluations from our client facilities and our subject matter professionals. We ask about the service they receive from BD, the accuracy of information, and the ease of working with us.The results from these surveys are provided to the appropriate division at BD each month. Continuous improvement is a core value at BD, so our goal is to provide exceptional service over the course of every assignment.