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Butterfly Development LLC offers its premier cooperate training. Our training dramatically benefits attendees in both their work and personal lives, and greatly enhances resiliency and productivity on the job. Our trainings are most highly-rated program a company can offer its people, whether as part of ongoing staff development, or for employee appreciation events and conferences.  Some of the training provided:

Anger Management, Contract Management, Creating a Great Webinar, Time Management, Creative Problem Solving, Crisis Management, Critical Thinking, Customer Service, Customer Support,  Being A Likable Boss,  Communication Strategies, Leadership and Influence, Conducting Annual Employee Reviews, Conflict Resolution, Contact Center Training, Developing Corporate Behavior, Developing New Managers… and so much more!

premier services

The vision for Butterfly, LLC., is to promote and facilitate education and learning throughout all of life’s journeys. To build upon its reputation, Butterfly Development wants to diversify its products and services to address more needs of its growing client base.  Butterfly Development seeks to grow its market to include federal contracts to provide its services. 

Our Vision


The mission of Butterfly Development, LLC. (BD, LLC.) is to grow our company in ways that provide a wide range of services, management, and training to facilitate and enhance the well being of businesses nationally. 

Butterfly Development, LLC (BD)  was founded in 2010 as a coaching and well-being entity.  Since then it has grown to become a general management consulting organization specializing in coaching, and training services. BD provides healthcare, strategic development, women’s services, employment services, and support. Our firm can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations improve their performance. BD provides flexible development and management solutions that responds to the needs of our clients in the areas of mental healthcare, program management and development, and education.

The BD family of companies is one of the largest providers of healthcare in the country. We’re headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  We do business in all 50 states and have the broadest offering of healthcare professionals in the industry. Why does being a  “one stop shop” for business make us different? We offer:  program management and development services, training, and program outreach and education.  When your day-to-day routine provides a one stop shop for healthcare to those who need it most, it’s easy to get excited about what you do.

Mission Statement