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Butterfly Development, LLC  provides efficient administrative management , training, mental health, veteran’s supportive services, other technical services utilizing solution-focused, problem-solving consultations.  This format allows for evidence-based best practices individualized to the specific needs of a given organization. We are sensitive and responsive to all concerns and use our skills, expertise and resources to train and satisfactorily facilitate resolution of the toughest problems and issues. Commercial services include cooperate training, and administrative management.  We utilize solution focused, problem-solving techniques to realize satisfactory resolution.  We assign staff who possess a wealth of experience, expertise, and are subject matter competent to ensure successful completion and implementation of each of our assignments.  We share our perspective and knowledge with our clients to ensure they receive the highest quality assistance and advice in making long lasting improvements in their organization.

Like a butterfly, once our company provides training, management, support, and development services, our clients grow larger than they were and develop unique brightly colored wings prepared to soar.

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