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 Assertive Community Solutions

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Like a butterfly, once training, management, support, and development services are implemented, our clients grow larger than they were and develop unique brightly colored wings prepared to soar.


Butterfly Development, LLC  provides home health support, prevention services, training, mental health, and veteran’s supportive services utilizing solution-focused, problem-solving techniques.  This format allows for evidence-based best practices individualized to the specific needs of a given idividual and thier families. We are sensitive and responsive to all concerns and use our skills, expertise and resources to train and resolve the toughest problems and issues in the corporate environment andcommunity. Commercial services include cooperate training, and administrative management.  We utilize solution focused, problem-solving techniques to realize satisfactory resolution.  We assign staff who possess a wealth of experience, expertise, and are subject matter competent to ensure successful completion and implementation of each of our assignments.  We share our perspective and knowledge with our clients to ensure they receive the highest quality assistance and advice in making long lasting improvements.

Success Is Achieved by Putting People First

Prevention Substance Services in the state of Alabama Only

Prevention Services work to reduce individual, family, and environmental risk factors while increasing resiliency and enhancing protective factors. We recognize that achieving comprehensive community wellness requires a collaborative approach.

The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is utilized to assess community needs related to the prevention of substance use disorders and promotion of mental health. The Prevention Team helps to plan and implement evidence-based strategies and engage in evaluation following the implementation of these strategies.

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Home Health Care and Assertive Community Health Solutions in the state of Pennsylvania Only

B Development LLC provides non-medical, homecare services to individuals, who require assistance in their own homes and communities to assist in the maintenance and retention of their independence and well being. These services are responsive to the distinct needs of the individual and community.  Home Health Services are delivered by qualified home care workers.

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Corperate Training

Great for any organization trying to find the balance between HIGH Performance and Employee Satisfaction

This fun and interactive training will*Build a Productive Team*Provide Work Place Prevention Basics*   *Provide Support*

Individual Modules:

Stress management/ 749.99

Self Leadership/ 749.99

Performance Management/ 749.99

Virtual Team Building & Management/ 749.99

Supervising Others/ 749.99

Employee Motivation/ 749.99

Being a Likeable Boss/ 749.99

Workplace Diversity/ 749.99

Body Language Basics/ 749.99

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